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What are Local Building Contractors?

A building contractor, also known as a main or prime contractor, is the person or organisation that is responsible for all of the acitivites that take place on a particular construction site. His or her responsibilities will include the management of individual tradespeople, the oversight of the entire construction project and keeping communication chanels with all of the stakeholder involved in the project.

The responsibilities of a building contractor may include:

  • Obtaining building permits
  • Providing utilities on site
  • Securing the building and surrounding site
  • The management of all employed personnel on site
  • Providing engineering
  • Providing site surveys
  • Waste removal
  • Time management
  • Management of cashflow
  • Keeping records
  • What Services Can They Provide?

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The services that your local builder can provide include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Commercial
  • Ecclesiastical
  • Education
  • Heritage
  • Leisure
  • New builds
  • Refurbishment and conversions
  • Residential
  • Property Refurbishment and Home Refurbishment
  • Building Restoration
  • Property Renovation
  • New Build Homes
  • Home Extensions
  • Basements, Swimming Pools and Cinemas
  • Listed building Renovations
  • Carpentry
  • Decoration
  • Dilapidation
  • Electricity
  • Plumbing

How to Find Local Building Contractors in the UK

We provide some handy tools in the right hand side panel of this website to enable anyone looking to find a building contractor in the UK find the perfect solution. It’s as simple as that, select your location and get in touch with your local builder.

What Attributes Make a Good Contractor?

There are differences between the particular roles of building contractors as highlighted above, however there are particular qualities that make a good contractor regardless of his or her specific role on any given project.

Decisiveness is an important trait, there are many stakeholders involved in a project, so the person in charge needs to be someone who is able to make a quick informed decision to ensure that the project moves forward.

The next important quality to have is that of experience, it may not be necessary in all conditions, being able to rely on past experience will enable the building contractor to operate more efficiently and minimises the risk of mistakes being made.

A third quality that the project manager should have is leadership, which obviously ties into being decisive. Many of the tradespeople on site will be looking to the contractor for guidance and as to when they need to carry out their tasks and what exactly they should be doing, therefore leadership is essential.

The final trait that is important is that of being a good intermediary, someone who is able to resolve any conflict quickly and easily. There are a lot of moving parts on a building project, so ensuring that all of the cogs continue to turn smoothly is an absolutely essential part of finishing off a project to the highest level possible in the shortest amount of time.

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